Is Registration Mandatory?

This question is asked often by students who come from abroad to study in The Netherlands. Many people sublet a room without registration possibilities. Registration is required and mandatory if you’re going to stay longer than four months. 




Landlords (including sub-landlords) tend to let a room without the possibility to register at the municipality because of the following reasons;

  • The owner does not have the permission of the bank because of the mortgage on the house.
  • The sub-landlords do not have permission from their landlord.
  • The landlords have any sort of government benefit and by renting a room/apartment out they might reduce their benefits.


It is wise to register because of the following reasons

  • Safety. Imagine a fire breaks out in the apartment, it might be very useful for the officials to know that you live there as well.
  • Insurance. The same example as above, if you have any losses and damages, you cannot claim them because you were not registered at the address.
  • Legal. The government might fine you and the landlord for having a tenant without registration.




If you’re going to study at the following schools of higher education, then you can participate in the centralized registration days organized by the municipality and the schools:

  • Delft University of Technology
  • The Hague University of Applied Sciences
  • Hotelschool The Hague
  • Royal Conservatoire
  • Royal Academy of Art
  • Institute of Social Studies
  • Leiden University and Leiden University College.

Registration this way can take place more quickly because no separate visit to the municipality is needed and therefore the long queues at the municipality can be avoided. Schools will inform you about when and where exactly you are expected. If you are not able to attend these days, then you can register with the municipality using the regular procedure. The same applies to students attending other universities and schools of higher education.



In order to complete the registration procedure at school, you need to bring the following documents:

  • a fully completed municipal registration form. The school will give this form to the students prior to the registration days.
  • valid form of identification: passport or identity card
  • a copy of the passport or identity card (back and front) for the files
  • proof of address. This can be a rental contract which clearly states the address (including house number and, if applicable, room number). Or written permission from the main occupant (including a copy of a valid form of identification for the person giving permission).
  • for students who need to apply for a residence permit: a copy of the acknowledgement of receipt sent by the IND to the school. The school will provide this document to the student.

 If you have any more questions, you can always refer to the website of the municipality of The Hague.