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Who We Are

SHTH was established in the summer of 2016 as a result of the increasing numbers of complaints from international students on agencies which are swarming the rental market in The Hague, The Netherlands. Initially founded by two students, the agency’s scope is making student housing in The Hague easy, reliable and transparent.


You pay what you use.

All-IN rent

No hidden costs.

Flexible service

We fit your needs.

No agency fees

Not now, not tomorrow, not ever.

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Rijswijkseweg I (Offer 15006)

No registration possible. Homestay accommodation. Nice and comfortable SHORT stay room available. Tram 1 and 15 stop in the vicinity. 15 min. walking distance to THUAS and train station The Hague HS.

You will be living together with the landlady (hospita). Upon request of the hospita, ONLY female students. 

  • 8m2
  • Single bed
  • Short stay
  • Home stay

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Articles & Tips

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Deregistration Process Explained

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Are you moving within the Netherlands or abroad, for example returning to your home country? The landlord/agency might request for proof of deregistration. What is this proof of deregistration, and wh...

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Rent Benefit for International Students in the Netherlands

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Studying can be so expensive. Housing is not cheap either. If you could get any financial benefit, it would be awesome, of course. However, rent benefit is not for everyone, it really depends on diffe...

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